Creating a sociable kitchen

Having friends over for dinner is even more fun in a sociable kitchen.At the next house party you attend, or throw, pay attention to where the action is, and where it goes. Recently the kitchen has turned into the place to be, either because of the close, cozy space it provides or the action of cooking while entertaining guests, and the trend has been picking up steam. The phenomena known as sociable cooking has brought the action of the party into the kitchen, so as you’re redesigning your kitchen, you should consider designing a sociable kitchen. Making your kitchen the new hang out spot in your house is easier than you might think.
First think about where people are going to be in the kitchen. People will congregate in the kitchen on their own so you should give them something other than a counter to place their drinks or food on. A pub table is the perfect piece of furniture to place in the kitchen because it is designed to be used in sociable areas without a lot of space. Pub tables give the easy option of sitting or standing without forcing anyone to look up at or glare down on anyone. The table is at the right height to easily set down anything in your hand or lean up against. Read More…

Set Yourself Up for Success with the Right Home Office Design

a modern home office design

Photo from: Hooker Furniture

You finally have a home office, a little place to call your own, a patch of organized bliss in your usually chaotic home. Now you need to set up your space and decide what furniture you will need. Home office furnishings can seem like a waste of space, or perhaps a waste of time (you only need a desk and a power outlet, right?), but nothing could be further from the truth. Think about the amount of time you are going to spend in your home office. You will feel better and be more productive in a space that you enjoy, so you should furnish it with only the best items.

First, figure out if you are going to design your office in any particular style. Again, if you are going to design your home office, then you should make it perfect. Figure out a style that demonstrates the feel you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want a new, vibrant feel, in which case you should go for a modern design and get home office furnishings that are constructed out of metal and glass. Or you might want to remind yourself of older times, perhaps your parents’ or grandparents’ home office, which would mean a lot of polished wood and dark colors. Hooker Furniture has a good example of old time styled home office furniture which is made of nice finished wood and gives a warm, antique look to your office. Read More…

Incorporating Steampunk Design Elements in Your Kitchen

You are looking to redesign your kitchen, and this time around you want to make it unique, creative, and a work of art. While it might sound like a lofty goal, it is not as complicated as you might think, especially if you incorporate unique design styles, in this case the trend known as Steampunk. The Steampunk style is a blanket term for designs from the late 1800’s with a lot of creative freedom of current ideas and technologies. Steampunk can encompass anything, including writing styles, clothing, household item designs, and home decoration. For a more intensive look at the broad spectrum of Steampunk, check out You can even find tables and living room furnishings that fit the Steampunk aesthetic at normal furniture stores. You can find many more examples of this style online in furniture, clothing, music, and more. The results might amaze you. A general view of Steampunk, for the sake of this article, is that it is a genre that focuses on anything that looks like it came from the Victorian-era. Whether it actually did come from the past is irrelevant and that is the beauty of Steampunk, it is a style that lets you be as creative as you want. Read More…

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