Decking out a gaming den

The game renaissance has arrived. Electronic games, board games, pool tables, old arcade games and pin ball are all making a strong come back in the modern home. No matter what your gaming preference, you can have it all within a hundred feet of your bed, bathroom, and kitchen. In this blog post we are going to look at a few DIY ideas to make your very own gaming den. Open up the soda and put in your Rush mix tape, because this is going to be epic.

First rule of a good gaming den is the furniture, namely a table and seating. You might need the table to rest your feet and drinks on as you play on the latest gaming console, or you might need a table everyone can sit comfortably around as you roll dice or bicker over the latest wheat for sheep trade ( You could always go with a small, simple coffee table, or you could go for a proper gaming table like this.

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DIY Dining Room Lighting Projects

The lighting in your dining room is important for so many reasons. It’s a gathering place for family meals, game nights and kids doing homework. A unique dining room lighting project can make this room much more fun, as well as impress your guests. While your first thought may be to install a one ton crystal chandelier, you might have more success while still making an impression with these three DIY lighting projects. I’ve found some great, easy to do projects around the web, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to illuminate.

The Whole Ball of Yarn 

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DIY Fire pit ideas

Why relax inside your cramped and stuffy house when you could be lounging around the great outdoors circled around a fire pit? The three problems that usually force people inside and away from an awesome night of fire pit relaxation are bugs, seating, and Sasquatch. In this post we’re going to look at fun and creative projects for your own fire pit that deal with all three of these problems. Let’s begin with the fire pit itself.

Your fire pit can be as simple as a hole in the ground with some burning sticks. Or you can have some real fun and build a raised fire pit with fire bricks so you don’t have to lean over to add more wood and reduce the chance of getting wood smoke in your eyes.

A round raised fire pit surrounded by a matching design.

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Adding your own touch to your bedroom design

Your bedroom is important. It is the room you first see when you wake up and the last room you see when you close your eyes to go to sleep. If it’s time for a redesign, you might want to pull out all the stops and put your own personal touch on your bedroom with a few DIY projects that are easy to accomplish. Let’s get this article started by looking at some fun headboards for your beds, then look at how to add some storage space under your bed, and finally look at some fun lighting ideas

Headboards on your bed are a great way to keep your pillows from sliding between the bed and wall as well as add a flair of style to the room, but what else can they be used for? Quite a lot. Headboards can turn into fantastically useful bits of furniture when they are being used for storage, especially when space is at a premium. There are headboards that are shelves that you can buy, but have some time on your hands you can turn it into a storage unit. One simple way to make this

DIY headboards for beds

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Standing desks for your productivity and creativity in your home office

You are working from home, or are about to, so let me be the first to congratulate you! Now comes the hard part, actually doing work at home. It might seem easy to sit down at the couch and type on your laptop, but it’s a lot harder than it seems. You can only work from home if you keep your productivity up, which can be a challenge if you are staring at the TV all day long and constantly seeing projects you could be doing around the house, but you also don’t want to feel trapped in a boring office. How are you going to keep working without feeling like you’re in an office? With a standing desk.

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How to design an awesome bedroom your kids will love for years.

When you are designing your children’s bedroom, you have to take a few things into account, such as how old they are, their interests, and how fast are they going to grow out of their existing room.  While you could get caught up with all of these questions and simply throw your hands in the air, proclaiming, “They’re just going to move out in a few years anyway,” you shouldn’t.  From your child’s perspective, a few years can seem to last forever and young children are very impressionable.  Make your children’s early years something to really remember by making an amazing bedroom.  And when I say amazing, I mean mind expanding awesome. Read More…

Making the home office you want

You have made the leap to working from home, but somehow it’s torture.  You stay at home in your jammies doing work as you see your chores pile up faster than your dishes.  You sit on your couch, inches from a television you can’t watch and games you can’t play.  Your productivity starts slacking off and you don’t know why.  If this sounds like you then it’s time to get a proper home office so you can finally see why there is all the fuss about working from home.  You get to make the home office you’ve always dreamed off.  Let’s go over some things you’ll need to consider, and a great DIY tip for making a standing desk. Read More…

How to Make a Fun Sink and Backsplash

Take a look at your kitchen, is it looking a little worn down? Is there a problem you can’t just put your finger on? Look around your sink in particular. Is it looking a little, worn? Tired? Downright gross? If you don’t have a backsplash, that might be your problem. Most of the action in the kitchen revolves around the sink, from washing pots and pans to rinsing off produce, so if your sink is not happy then you kitchen is not happy. Here are a few fun projects to whip your kitchen into shape.

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Making the Game Room You Want

A game room is important to your house if you have a child, either young or young at heart, because it is a single space that contains entertainment systems and other games in one place instead of being scattered all over the house. Think about it, you don’t want to be stumbling over game controller cords in the living room and you don’t want to clear a board game in progress off the dining room table when it’s time to eat. Games can be important tools in developing strategies, hand/eye coordination, and general brain stimulation. Today, games come in many different shapes, sizes, formats, and mediums, all of which can be combined into a game room.
First, figure out what type of games you want in your game room. There are an endless variety of types of games with different space and furniture requirements, so you should figure out what you need before you proceed. For this post, we will look at video games and board games, as both are very popular right now. Read More…

Making your Bathroom a Steampunk Paradise

Corsets.  Brass.  Gears.  Steam engines.  Copper plating.  Over the past few years you may have heard of Steampunk, a unique aesthetic that is a challenge to describe without breaking it down to, “Brass pipes and steam engines,” or, even worse, “So you saw ‘Wild Wild West’…” You have probably seen pictures on the internet of modern devices that have gone through the Steampunk wringer, such as this laptop

A steampunk laptop

 If you said to yourself, “That looks really cool, I want something like that,” then you are in luck, because we’re going to look at how to make a Steampunk bathroom. Read More…

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