Making a Swanky Bar, Part 3 of 3: Finishing touches

It’s almost time, folks, you’re almost ready to unveil your new DIY bar, but something is still missing.  You’ve got a surface, fancy storage, bottles put away, bar tools put away, and yet your bar just doesn’t have that official swank factor.  That’s because you don’t have the finishing touches, those little bits of extra flair that make your bar go from “meh,” to “YES!” In this post we look at how to add those finishing touches yourself with a bit of creativity and style.  Finishing touches can come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes.  We’re only going to touch on a few in this post, but they’re going to be great ones to discuss and share.

When you’re thinking about finishing touches, think about lights and lighting.  You can get really crazy and fun with the lights.


I mean, really crazy

Wine bottle torch, perfect for your swanky bar OUTSIDE.

I mean, absolutely insane

Small plastic cups!

But that’s the point of a DIY bar, you get to decide what you put in the bar.  As you’ve seen, there are plenty of light shades that you can put over lights, so find a design that works for your style of swank at your bar and make it work, but don’t forget about lighting and light up signs.

This is a great example of back lighting that you can do.  This one is a bit advanced, with the bar being made of a semi-transparent material and lights behind the panels, but this is a good goal to shoot for.

Remember that the bottles themselves can look fantastic if they are lit up.  You can use any light, from a small battery powered LED to a professional looking set up like we can see in the picture above, to make fantastic finishing touches to your bar.

There are more to finishing touches than just adding lights.  Adding the right seating and end tables is also important.


Adding a swanky, metal end table might be exactly what you need to place your drinks on and enjoy a nice evening in.

And you could be relaxing in some chairs like these leaf chairs.  Or pull a DIY makeover on a chair like this.

The choice is yours, just remember that where you enjoy your well mixed drink from your swanky DIY bar is crucial for achieving maximum awesomeness.

There are other finishing touches you can add, such as wall hangings, puzzles, activities, bar décor, and so much more, so keep your mind open and creative.