Making a Swanky Bar, Part 2 of 3: Storage

So you have your bar top surface ready and in place (or at least planned out), but where are you going to store all of your ingredients, bottles, and tools? If you’re looking to just make a functional bar then one large box on the floor filled with everything you need should do it- but we’re making a swanky bar. There are plenty of ways to add decorative storage to your bar, no matter how your bar is set up. The main goal for storage for your swank-ful bar is to display your tools, ingredients, and bottles while remaining organized.

You could use found objects and turn them into storage and have them sitting on the floor. Don’t throw away that ancient TV just yet! Instead, clear out the tube and keep the classic case and keep it tuned to the Bottles channel- all bottles all the time!

An old TV re-purposed for bar storage.

You might need to put on some paint and put in a light for the interior, but you will have an amazing bar to flaunt.

Or you could try this bar storage idea.

A card catalog used to store wine and liquor bottles.

Your ingredients might not be on display at all times, but it’s full of swank.

If you don’t want to deal with paint and lights, simply use a nice book shelf to store and display your drinks.

A simple black bookshelf used to store bar supplies.

A bunching bookcase from the Solange living room furnishings collection

Hooker Furniture bunching bookcase

You can place the bookshelf anywhere and store a whole lot of materials in a small amount of space.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, break out the drill, find the wall studs, and get ready to put up some storage on the wall.

A wall mounted bar shelf.


There are plenty of different shapes and styles of bar shelves that you can put on the wall behind your bar. First you should investigate the different shelves and storage systems you can choose from and pick the swankiest one that fits your overall theme.

Get your anchor points plotted out and start by finding the studs in the wall. Interior walls are made of a thin material, usually drywall that is held up by studs, usually 2×4’s that run from floor to ceiling. Modern homes have studs about every 16 inches, but they might vary depending on the age of your home. You can find studs with a stud finder or by trial and error. Trust me, the stud finder is the better option. Drill your screws into the studs and you have your swanky shelf storage. You can lay it out in a fun pattern or design on the wall for extra points.

An example of wall mounted bar shelves in a fun pattern.

Be sure to catch next month’s post when we finish up this blog series with some DIY finishing touches!