How to Relax Outside in Style this Summer

The hot days and warm nights of summer are almost here, which means you’ll need some refreshments and sustenance for your guests outside. Why would you want to waste gorgeous weather indoors?  The two main things you will need to bring all the comforts of living room relaxing outside are a cooler for beverages and a place to kick your feet up and relax.  You could have a simple cooler next to some fold out chairs, or you could impress your guests and yourself with a few fun DIY projects.

Quench your thirst and slay the heat with an ice cold beverage.  Take a dining table like this

And drop a cooler in the table top, like this

Just make sure the table is heavily sealed against the elements and weather.  You’ll need a sturdy table to take the extra weight and the heavy augmentation.  If you want an in-depth DIY guide, check this page out. 

There are plenty of ways to sit down outside, such as folding lawn chairs or porch swings, but the easiest way is to sit on the grass.  Of course sitting on the grass means you won’t be able to enjoy certain features, such as back support or arm rests, unless you build a sod couch.  This DIY project requires you to get a bit dirty, but the results are astounding.

To get this

You will need:





And most importantly, a cold, refreshing beverage.

First you take your bricks and lay them out in a sofa like pattern.

This will take some time, but it will be worth it.  The bricks help hold the dirt together in the shape of the sofa and promote soil drainage.

Next, break out the dirt and water and unleash your inner artist.  Use your hands to form the dirt over the bricks.  Use the water to make mud about the consistency of dough, you want it to be slick and mashable, not thin and pourable.  Take your mud and tamp it down onto the bricks.  Use this mud and sculpt it into the shape of the sofa.

Now take a break with your cold, refreshing beverage.  Remember to stay hydrated when working outside.

Once you have the sofa shape and are fully refreshed, it’s time to add the living upholstery.

Start on one side of the sofa and start laying your sod until the entire piece is covered in green.  Take special care to tuck in the edges of the sod so you don’t expose the dirt layer to the elements, which can lead to erosion.  Cut the sod where you need to and cover the entire sofa in green grass.  Then you have a sod sofa of your own design, ready to be used.

Remember to water your sofa every now and then to ensure the grass is kept lush and green.  You might want to get some pruning shears to mow your sofa every few weeks.  Set up your cooler table next to your sod sofa and you’ll have your own outdoor living room set that can’t be beat.