How to design an awesome bedroom your kids will love for years.

When you are designing your children’s bedroom, you have to take a few things into account, such as how old they are, their interests, and how fast are they going to grow out of their existing room.  While you could get caught up with all of these questions and simply throw your hands in the air, proclaiming, “They’re just going to move out in a few years anyway,” you shouldn’t.  From your child’s perspective, a few years can seem to last forever and young children are very impressionable.  Make your children’s early years something to really remember by making an amazing bedroom.  And when I say amazing, I mean mind expanding awesome.

The first step is (surprise!) to go straight to the source: talk to your child.  Find out what they want in a bedroom, listening to all of their wild ideas without interrupting. Then stop and think about them. Some of those crazy ideas might be more possible than you think.  Once the two of you have compromised on a general idea, start looking at what’s available.  You can purchase youth furniture in all different kinds of fun shapes and design motifs, such as dinosaurs and outer space.  You can get matching bedroom furniture from a collection, which will add a sense of uniformity to the room.  Once you get the normal furniture squared away and figured out, break out the sketch book and start figuring out how to make the best bedroom ever.

Look at your kid’s bed and start with that.  You could make a raised bed and create fun ways to get up and down.  While a simple ladder is easy to make or purchase, you could get even more creative with ways to ascend to bed.  You could install a stairway under the bed.  You could make a mini climbing wall up the side of the bed for the rock climbing enthusiast.  You could place a slide so your child can have fun getting out of bed every morning with a jolt of gravity.

Awesome youth bunk bed with climbing wall ladder

Also, look towards the future when your child becomes a teenager and needs bedroom furniture that fits their changing size and style.  Adjustable furniture is a great investment that will save you time and money in the long run.  A desk is a good idea for any age, as it will give your kid a place to study and foster learning.  A hammock is also a good idea, as they can come in many different shapes and styles, provide an interesting way to rest, and can be adjusted with age.

Designing children’s rooms offers endless opportunities for DIY projects making decorations or customizing furniture to their unique interests.  However, even more than with most projects, it’s important to make sure you know how to build what you are building and make sure it is sturdy.  If you are attaching anything to the walls, make sure you are attaching them to studs or you will be asking for trouble.  No matter where an item is in the room or how you think it will be used, kids will be kids.  They will devise ways to use and abuse your creations that you would never have thought of, so things need to be extra sturdy and safe.  Still, working with your child to plan a few unique pieces goes a long way toward helping you make the best bedroom they could ever ask for.