Gaming With Style- DIY Board Game Storage

Board games are a crucial element to entertaining your guests, as they come in many different themes, varieties, skill levels, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  They are also great fun for a laid back night in. Just last night I played a game with my wife where we were gardening bamboo.  The night before that we were flying around the ‘Verse in space ships, misbehaving all over the place.  The point is board games have advanced beyond Candyland and Monopoly, once you start looking you will find tons of games you will want to own and keep on hand when you have guests over to your house.  Then you will want more games, and more, and other different but cool looking board games because you really can never have enough.  Board games do take up a lot more space than other forms of entertainment, the average game box is 12’’x12’’x4’’, so you will need a great place to store them.

If you want to be simple and just get the task over with, buy a book shelf that is deep enough.  Boom, problem solved, but that isn’t a DIY solution.  Normal bookshelves also take up a lot of wall space which tends to come at a premium.  There are bunches of different creative ways to store games while taking up as little space as possible, and we’re going to look at a few of them.

A corner entertainment center by Hooker Furniture

Corner Entertainment Centers

Above is a picture of a corner entertainment center, which is a great way to store large bulky items that you want to display.  It takes up a small amount of space in the corner, usually a space in the living room that gets wasted.  For this project you won’t have a TV on the top, instead you can simply stack games on a storage rack, like a wire framed one for shoes, on top.  You can store smaller games, card decks, and extra game pieces inside the entertainment center.  If you put any sort of storage containers on top of the entertainment center make sure it doesn’t get too high, as it might tip over, or make sure it’s securely fastened with bolts or anchors.

A dresser drawer full of board games

Re-purposing a Dresser

Got an extra dresser lying around?  Want to re-purpose an old one you don’t have a use for?  Just drop it in the living room and you’re good to go.  The deeper drawers can easily stack larger board games while the smaller shelves, usually the upper ones, can hold smaller or irregular sized games.  If you want to add extra storage space up top just remember not to make it too high and, again, safely secure it.

A bookshelf made out of wooden crates

Making Your Own Bookshelf

And finally, making your own bookshelf, the easy way, is a great option. A solid wooden bookshelf tends to cost a lot of money, but you can make a wooden bookshelf with charm and a few wooden crates. You can find the wooden crates online, at craft stores, and at wine shops, just make sure the crates are deep enough, at least a foot deep, and attach them together for instant board game storage.
These are just a few ideas that are quick and simple, but there are many more board game storage designs out there. Some you can do in a weekend with little more than drill, others take master woodworking skill. This has just been a quick overview of what is out there; more intense DIY projects are to come in the near future.