DIY Dining Room Lighting Projects

The lighting in your dining room is important for so many reasons. It’s a gathering place for family meals, game nights and kids doing homework. A unique dining room lighting project can make this room much more fun, as well as impress your guests. While your first thought may be to install a one ton crystal chandelier, you might have more success while still making an impression with these three DIY lighting projects. I’ve found some great, easy to do projects around the web, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to illuminate.

The Whole Ball of Yarn 

Easy DIY yarn lamp project

This is a great one to catch your guests’ eye and use up extra yarn laying around your home. You simply inflate a balloon to the size you want, cover the balloon in Vaseline or corn starch, soak your yarn in wallpaper glue and lay the yarn over the balloon until it dries. Pop the balloon and you are left with the lattice work of rigid yarn. Attach the yarn ball over your hanging lamp how you see fit. Just remember that you will need to replace your light bulb at some point, so be sure to make a hole that is large enough for you to get your hand into the ball of yarn.
The Basket Case

Adorable woven basket lamp.

Another basket lamp option available on Etsy
Want to show your wild side off to your friends? What better way that with a basket! This is actually a very easy DIY project that you can do in an hour or less, though it may take a bit more time if you want to add some embellishments. The first part is the basket. There are an almost infinite variety of baskets out in the world, such as the woven baskets, so take your time picking out the one that’s perfect for your dining room. For example, if you have more rustic tables in your dining room, you might want to get a few wooden slatted bushel baskets to accent them. Just cut a small hole in the bottom (soon to be top) of the basket and thread the wire through, the lamp shade will hang off the light fixture perfectly.
The Doily Lamp
Lamp shade made of doiles in alternating blue and white yarn.

Behold! The DIY Doily Lamp! This is a great way to use old doilies, or new ones that you made but can’t find a use for. This follows the exact same process as the Ball of Yarn lamp using the same materials. The difference is that you will paint the wall paper glue onto your doilies. You don’t need to cover the entire balloon, so you can end up with a classic half lamp shade like the one pictured above. Doily lamps are great ways to add a touch of old, classic charm while still keeping your dining room fresh and new.
These are just a few ideas to help brighten up your dining room. There are plenty of other projects out there to make beautiful and unique dining room lighting. Remember to have fun and don’t run with scissors.