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Making a Swanky Bar, Part 3 of 3: Finishing touches

It’s almost time, folks, you’re almost ready to unveil your new DIY bar, but something is still missing.  You’ve got a surface, fancy storage, bottles put away, bar tools put away, and yet your bar just doesn’t have that official swank factor.  That’s because you don’t have the finishing touches, those little bits of extra flair that make your bar go from “meh,” to “YES!” In this post we look at how to add those finishing touches yourself with a bit of creativity and style.  Finishing touches can come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes.  We’re only going to touch on a few in this post, but they’re going to be great ones to discuss and share.

When you’re thinking about finishing touches, think about lights and lighting.  You can get really crazy and fun with the lights.

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Making a Swanky Bar, Part 2 of 3: Storage

So you have your bar top surface ready and in place (or at least planned out), but where are you going to store all of your ingredients, bottles, and tools? If you’re looking to just make a functional bar then one large box on the floor filled with everything you need should do it- but we’re making a swanky bar. There are plenty of ways to add decorative storage to your bar, no matter how your bar is set up. The main goal for storage for your swank-ful bar is to display your tools, ingredients, and bottles while remaining organized.

You could use found objects and turn them into storage and have them sitting on the floor. Don’t throw away that ancient TV just yet! Instead, clear out the tube and keep the classic case and keep it tuned to the Bottles channel- all bottles all the time!

An old TV re-purposed for bar storage.

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