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Gaming With Style- DIY Board Game Storage

Board games are a crucial element to entertaining your guests, as they come in many different themes, varieties, skill levels, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  They are also great fun for a laid back night in. Just last night I played a game with my wife where we were gardening bamboo.  The night before that we were flying around the ‘Verse in space ships, misbehaving all over the place.  The point is board games have advanced beyond Candyland and Monopoly, once you start looking you will find tons of games you will want to own and keep on hand when you have guests over to your house.  Then you will want more games, and more, and other different but cool looking board games because you really can never have enough.  Board games do take up a lot more space than other forms of entertainment, the average game box is 12’’x12’’x4’’, so you will need a great place to store them. Read More…

How to paint with an accent

Okay, grab your paint brush and start replacing your A’s with R’s, now you’ll… wait, I went back home to Maine for a moment, wrong accent article. Let’s start that over.

It’s time to change the feel of your living room, but you’re running a bit short, short on time, short on money, short on creative ideas. I have four words and a comma for you: Don’t panic, accent paint. Accent paint, like accent furniture, adds a small amount of style in strategic places around the room to create a whole new different look and feel. The beauty of this project is you don’t have to repaint your entire living room to change the style which saves you time, effort, and money. Read More…

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