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Adding your own touch to your bedroom design

Your bedroom is important. It is the room you first see when you wake up and the last room you see when you close your eyes to go to sleep. If it’s time for a redesign, you might want to pull out all the stops and put your own personal touch on your bedroom with a few DIY projects that are easy to accomplish. Let’s get this article started by looking at some fun headboards for your beds, then look at how to add some storage space under your bed, and finally look at some fun lighting ideas

Headboards on your bed are a great way to keep your pillows from sliding between the bed and wall as well as add a flair of style to the room, but what else can they be used for? Quite a lot. Headboards can turn into fantastically useful bits of furniture when they are being used for storage, especially when space is at a premium. There are headboards that are shelves that you can buy, but have some time on your hands you can turn it into a storage unit. One simple way to make this

DIY headboards for beds

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