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Creating a sociable kitchen

Having friends over for dinner is even more fun in a sociable kitchen.At the next house party you attend, or throw, pay attention to where the action is, and where it goes. Recently the kitchen has turned into the place to be, either because of the close, cozy space it provides or the action of cooking while entertaining guests, and the trend has been picking up steam. The phenomena known as sociable cooking has brought the action of the party into the kitchen, so as you’re redesigning your kitchen, you should consider designing a sociable kitchen. Making your kitchen the new hang out spot in your house is easier than you might think.
First think about where people are going to be in the kitchen. People will congregate in the kitchen on their own so you should give them something other than a counter to place their drinks or food on. A pub table is the perfect piece of furniture to place in the kitchen because it is designed to be used in sociable areas without a lot of space. Pub tables give the easy option of sitting or standing without forcing anyone to look up at or glare down on anyone. The table is at the right height to easily set down anything in your hand or lean up against. Read More…

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