DIY toothpaste: Clean your teeth anywhere you go

Brushing your teeth is crucial to your dental health, so you want to make sure you have easy access to your toothpaste at all times.  There are certain times in your life when you might not have access to a commercial tube of toothpaste (by your own choice, living in a very rural area of the world, middle of a zombie apocalypse) but don’t fear, there are a few different recipes you can make out of common household supplies. Read More…

How to Relax Outside in Style this Summer

The hot days and warm nights of summer are almost here, which means you’ll need some refreshments and sustenance for your guests outside. Why would you want to waste gorgeous weather indoors?  The two main things you will need to bring all the comforts of living room relaxing outside are a cooler for beverages and a place to kick your feet up and relax.  You could have a simple cooler next to some fold out chairs, or you could impress your guests and yourself with a few fun DIY projects.

Quench your thirst and slay the heat with an ice cold beverage.  Take a dining table like this

And drop a cooler in the table top, like this

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DIY Backyard Projects: The Outdoor Midnight Soiree

Putting on a swanky soiree or energetic party can be a problem if you don’t have a lot of space in your home.  If so, you definitely want to take full advantage of the break between polar vortexes we like to call Summer.  Remember that your home doesn’t stop at the walls. Your lawn, balcony, porch, and yard are a part of your home as much as your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, and really utilizing your outdoor space can make all the difference for a party.

Here are some easy and helpful tips to make your own DIY Midnight Soiree a huge hit.

Make some little shelters and nooks in your yard!  Raid your winter blanket storage and collect as many blankets and sheets as you can.  You might also want to grab extra pillows.  Make sure that anything going on the ground can either be washed, replaced, or wear grass stains for the rest of it’s life. Decorative rugs work wonders for outdoor ground cover.  With a rope between two trees, you can easily make the prefect little lounge, like this.

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Making a Swanky Bar, Part 3 of 3: Finishing touches

It’s almost time, folks, you’re almost ready to unveil your new DIY bar, but something is still missing.  You’ve got a surface, fancy storage, bottles put away, bar tools put away, and yet your bar just doesn’t have that official swank factor.  That’s because you don’t have the finishing touches, those little bits of extra flair that make your bar go from “meh,” to “YES!” In this post we look at how to add those finishing touches yourself with a bit of creativity and style.  Finishing touches can come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes.  We’re only going to touch on a few in this post, but they’re going to be great ones to discuss and share.

When you’re thinking about finishing touches, think about lights and lighting.  You can get really crazy and fun with the lights.

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Making a Swanky Bar, Part 2 of 3: Storage

So you have your bar top surface ready and in place (or at least planned out), but where are you going to store all of your ingredients, bottles, and tools? If you’re looking to just make a functional bar then one large box on the floor filled with everything you need should do it- but we’re making a swanky bar. There are plenty of ways to add decorative storage to your bar, no matter how your bar is set up. The main goal for storage for your swank-ful bar is to display your tools, ingredients, and bottles while remaining organized.

You could use found objects and turn them into storage and have them sitting on the floor. Don’t throw away that ancient TV just yet! Instead, clear out the tube and keep the classic case and keep it tuned to the Bottles channel- all bottles all the time!

An old TV re-purposed for bar storage.

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Secret Gaming Tables

You like analog games, such as board games and card games, but you are also short on space. Most modern board games require a lot of space to play, usually 4’x4’ bare minimum, which means your dining room table is the only flat surface that is large enough to really get down and play a board game. You want to play a board game that will take a long time, but you will need to stop and clean up to use the table for other things, like dining. This classic conundrum has plagued game playing civilization since the dawn of Monopoly, but there is a better way. There are a few things you can do if you have some old dining room furniture that you don’t mind making more awesome, a drill, and a bit of time to invest. That’s right, we’re going to make a secret gaming table.

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Gaming With Style- DIY Board Game Storage

Board games are a crucial element to entertaining your guests, as they come in many different themes, varieties, skill levels, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  They are also great fun for a laid back night in. Just last night I played a game with my wife where we were gardening bamboo.  The night before that we were flying around the ‘Verse in space ships, misbehaving all over the place.  The point is board games have advanced beyond Candyland and Monopoly, once you start looking you will find tons of games you will want to own and keep on hand when you have guests over to your house.  Then you will want more games, and more, and other different but cool looking board games because you really can never have enough.  Board games do take up a lot more space than other forms of entertainment, the average game box is 12’’x12’’x4’’, so you will need a great place to store them. Read More…

How to paint with an accent

Okay, grab your paint brush and start replacing your A’s with R’s, now you’ll… wait, I went back home to Maine for a moment, wrong accent article. Let’s start that over.

It’s time to change the feel of your living room, but you’re running a bit short, short on time, short on money, short on creative ideas. I have four words and a comma for you: Don’t panic, accent paint. Accent paint, like accent furniture, adds a small amount of style in strategic places around the room to create a whole new different look and feel. The beauty of this project is you don’t have to repaint your entire living room to change the style which saves you time, effort, and money. Read More…

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